Last year, they submitted zombie Colonel Sanders spots to FOX for rejection.This time, the animal rights organization says they sent this “Veggie Love” spot to NBC for approval to run during Sunday’s Super Bowl. This is of course complete cow manure. PETA submitted this spot for one reason—the disapproval publicity NBC’s rejection is generating (this post included). No, they’d sooner go on a fox hunt riding bulls with their bodies smeared in rabbit blood then waste $3 million on 30 seconds of TV ad time. But publicity costs nothing. And PETA are PR experts who will do absolutely anything for ink—whether it be blasts about never-erected phantom billboards or bleeding a gruesome beheading. Watch the soft porn video (complete with a cheap, canned faux-metal soundtrack), which NBC Universal’s advertising standards executive Victoria Morgan says “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.” No shit.