Peter Greene Featured In Yet Another DMS Video

12.23.09 Bucky Turco


In what has to be one of the most randomly bizarre affiliations ever, character actor Peter Greene—who has landed roles in movies like The Mask, Training Day, The Usual Suspects, and of course Pulp Fiction—keeps popping up in various music videos associated with DMS.

For those not familiar, they’re a notorious crew of musicians, graffiti writers, and aggressive personalities that have been instrumental in NYC’s hardcore scene for well over two decades or more. And now here he is in the intro to Skam Dust’s latest joint, “Corona Drug Bust.”

Before that he starred in Danny Diablo’s “Don’t You Want Me” video as well as a cameo in this collaboration with Necro. Apparently, the actor is tight with DMS royalty and counts Lord Ezec, Skam Dust, Freddy Madball, MQ, Damian Burnz and other prominent members among his friends. We hear that he’s actually a nice guy in person, that is, until you mention “Zed,” the infamously evil serial killer who rapes Marcellus Wallace in Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic. Greene isn’t too fond of being associated with the character and won’t hesitate in letting you know. And we don’t think it just has to do with DMS’ influence, this appears to be a longstanding sense of irritation. In fact, it reportedly took three requests by Tarantino himself before Greene agreed to play Zed. You’ve been warned!