250_nylon_guys.jpgSuspect-skater turned music producer and fashion trend hog Pharrell Williams graces the March cover of Nylon Guys, and he’s wearing color-splashed skinny Gucci jeans that would make Kanye’s fashion week entourage salivate. Besides the jeans that are already getting co-signed by faux-tastemakers and the usual cone-munchers, the cover story reveals what sets Skateboard P apart from fellow flamboyant rapper Kanye West: “There’s a difference between me and somebody like Kanye. He plans for it. I never do. It just happens. While I’m left feeling lucky, he’s left feeling like an architect. Kanye always knew he was gonna be big. I can’t believe it still. I never imagined it.” Right. And no one ever imagined you’d actually wear those jeans.