An admission: I’m a cat guy. I love them. Some people are dog people, and I do love dogs, but I’m a cat guy at heart. So it goes without saying that reading this story pissed me the hell off.

A 19 year-old Philadelphia “man” named James Davis wrapped the cat in the accompanying photo in duct tape for no apparent reason other than to be a heartless prick. Neighbors later found the gray tabby wandering the neighborhood and called the local animal welfare department.

“This is a very very very sweet cat,” George Bengal, of the PSPCA, told Fox News. “I can’t imagine someone doing this to this cat. I mean, this is a domestic cat. Obviously, it was owned, it can be handled very easily.”

Davis faces up to two years in prison for his actions. Hopefully, someone will whip his ass nice and good while he’s in there as well.