Photoshop Phun With Child Abuse

05.28.09 Copyranter


Watch What Women Want or Roger Dodger or Mad Men or ask any Manhattan shrink, and you’ll learn that most ad people are empty souls who hate everything and love nothing (you think copyranter’s an ACT?). Children? Oh yeah, we fucking HATE kids. What fills us with ersatz happiness? Manipulating reality, via wordplay and retouching. And working on anti-child abuse advertising inspires us to come up with some of our most inventive visual tricks. Like glow-in-the-dark pedophilia and verbal strangulation and sexual branding and street mannequin suffocation. This time, via DDB Poland, it’s some macabre flesh + porcelain creations to promote the Nobody’s Children Foundation (the campaign’s retoucher explains the process behind the finished shots). Pretty strong imagery. Will the ads help to stop Polish parents from beating their children? Probably not! They look slick in portfolios, though. |Images: adsoftheworld|