Pictures Of Matchstick Muchachos

04.28.09 Copyranter


Do you know what the third leading cause of burnt children in Mexico is? Matches! That’s according to the press notes accompanying this campaign for the Michou y Mau Foundation, an organization that aids children with severe burns. What the hell are causes one and two? Stoves and…flamethrowers? Anyway, here again, we have the “things made of things” arts & crafts ad approach. These screamin’ youngins’ are supposedly made of thousands of used and unused matches (looks like possible Photoshop to me). So, to recap: in addition to the Swine flu and drug gang violence and earthquake crises, 72,000 Mexican children severely burnt themselves last year. Funny aside; imagine the smoke that would be generated if one of these matchstick kids came face-to-face with 13,000-cigarette Hitler. Click the ads to enlarge, and here’s a third pain-faced match boy execution. Campaign by Young & Rubicam in Mexico City.