While Kissena Velodrome, New York City’s only bicycle track, supports a healthy racing scene, there’s no question that a more centrally-located, year-round facility would do wonders for the reemerging sport. Although it’s been nearly 80 years since Manhattan had a permanent velodrome and even longer since crowds packed Madison Square Garden to witness the grueling Six-day races, that may change soon.

“Cadence Cycling & Multisport Centers co-founder and president Matt Heitmann will be stepping down in order to pursue a new position heading up an effort to build a world-class, 250-meter indoor velodrome and community events center in Manhattan.”

It’s not where exactly the velodrome will be located, but Heitmann says it “will be a fully green, 100 percent sustainable site,” where “future Olympians and civic leaders will be developed through its programs.” |BRAIN|

Photo of track racing at Kissena Velodrome by Will Sherman