Regarded as a place where wealthy terrorists, white collar criminals, and other unlawful types could flee to and not worry about pesky extraditions, Switzerland has historically billed itself as a safe haven and bastion of neutrality. But the recent arrest of child rapist Roman Polanski has changed all that and the country defined by chocolate, cheese, and nameless bank accounts could be in danger!

Some are worried that the incident could directly threaten the livelihood of the Swiss and even their national sovereignty. Former politician and current UN advisor, Jean Ziegler, says that Switzerland has basically become America’s bitch:

The government is so traumatized by the IRS and whole UBS scandal,” said Ziegler, a frequent critic of the U.S. government and Swiss banks. “If any American authority asks for anything in Switzerland, they get it in 24 hours. They could call and say ‘Please send the gold of your national bank to America,’ and (the government) would do it right away.”

Or, it could just be that rape is universally understood as wrong—even in Switzerland. |AP|

Photo by AP Photo/Keystone/Ennio Leanza