Pole Posters Win Awards, War

05.12.09 Copyranter


Hey lookie—another “what goes around comes around” do-gooder concept. But this one from last year is “award-winning.” It’s won both a gold and a silver pencil from the One Show, and it’s a CLIO finalist. How prestigious are those ad accolades? Me, very much a stupid hack, has won them both, that’s how fucking exclusive they are. Throw enough shit against the judging walls, and eventually you win something in this sycophantic business. The advertiser here is the Global Coalition for Peace, the agency Big Ant International—started here in NYC by five recent SVA grads with the motto “no limits.” So, I guess these posters were put up surreptitiously on a couple poles near their agency, photographed, and then immediately taken down. Fight the power, you limitless crusaders! Jump for a third execution featuring a fighter shooting itself in the ass. |Images: The Inspiration Room|