More than two days after the predawn bombing of an Upper East Side Starbucks, investigators are no closer to figuring out who was responsible for the homemade explosive that damaged a wooden bench, shattered windows but fortunately did not injure anyone. Multiple witnesses claim they saw “two white youngsters, about 14 and 16 years old, running away from the scene,” which is the the best lead police have for now.

There are no suspicious figures captured on surveillance cameras, no claims of responsibility, and just the curious letters ‘VET’ on a plastic fragment.

It’s not even clear that Starbucks was anything more than a random target. Though the investigation is not over yet, this most recent blast looks like it will bear strong similarities to the unresolved bombings at the British Consulate in 2005, the Mexican Consulate in 2007, and the Times Square military recruiting station in 2008.