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Remember the other day when The Daily Show busted Sean Hannity doctoring footage of Michele Bachmann’s recent orgy of retardation to make its turnout appear more impressive than it actually was? Well, Hannity promised to issue an apology to Stewart in the aftermath, forcing the comedian to actually watch Hannity’s dumb show, which he barely survived doing.

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Brushing off the blatant doctoring of news video to enhance a politically-motivated point as merely an “inadvertent mistake,” Hannity saved his sheepish “apology” for the last 30 seconds of the show and then only directed it at Stewart, not to the millions of doltish minions who tune in each night hanging on his every word, which they consider to be gospel and never bother to challenge, and in doing so Hannity caused Jon Stewart’s teddy bear to kill itself while the host himself nearly died. But it was funny…