Rap Duo Doesn’t Want The Roots To Drown Out Their Comeback

05.20.09 Bucky Turco

In this clip, ?uestlove of The Roots expresses his disappointment with Method Man and Redman over a memo they sent requesting the house band not back them up for an album-promoting appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, preferring two mics and a DJ instead. The drummer argues that he’s got the skills, telling Hip Hop pundit Peter Rosenberg, “Damn man, I know how to make this shit sound dirty.” Meth quickly responded in this interview and said, “I can’t rock with a band, I get drowned out.” Red kind of agreed and wants their songs from Blackout 2 to sound like they do in the studio. So don’t expect an “Unplugged” album from these camps ever, despite the band’s proven ability to make beats sound like they do on the record. |Nah Right|