Moving on from their initial fake stunt video phase featuring two meticulously-styled slackers bobbing for sunglasses and playing sunglasses face catch, Ray-Ban, through ad agency Cutwater in San Francisco, has birthed a new barnyard adventure. A couple of the popular ad blogs have already posted this video with little or no comment, afraid to appear uncool or not in on the idea. Let me help you guys who don’t actually create ads for a living out: there is no fucking idea. While I was also not hot on those first two videos, “face catch” did grab millions of views, and at least they focus on the product. This fake cow birth thing could be for any product smaller than a cow. Also, while we allow that the newborn skinny slimy hipster is wearing sunglasses, he should have been born butt-naked. Anyway, all these cool for coolness sake stunts, including the pathetic fake flash mobs, make this “Never Hide” Ray-Ban brand repositioning feel like your desperate divorced Dad trying anything and everything to again appear cool.