05_Flatbed_1 - JULY Oh no! Just when cocaine was emerging as the new weed, the Daily News reported on a major heroin bust that netted approximately a “half-million glassine envelopes” of dope in the Bronx. The feds are citing this as proof that the drug is making a big comeback in the U.S. and on the streets of NYC. In what should probably be considered related news, despite the Taliban being on run for almost a decade and the Pentagon dumping more military assets into Afghanistan, not to mention the CIA’s human-hunting drones, the tiny country is somehow still responsible for producing a whopping 93% of the world’s heroin supply according to the U.N.

To help exterminate safeguard the massive stashes, Obama is even sending a contingent of DEA personnel to the poppy growing nation. Makes sense, they already have their own brand like the president! |NYDN|