A new study conducted by Men’s Fitness and Shape magazines, chicks are getting laid more than dudes these days and the recession is responsible for the imbalance of boning between the genders. This makes no sense at all.

The study, which was reported on in today’s New York Post, finds that twice as many women are getting laid as men, but who are these women boning? I mean, if women are sexing it up, then that means men are reaping the coital rewards, right? Are have America’s broads turning to lesbianism in droves?

Apparently, the only thing hard for guys these days is finding a job — as women are even having sex more often than males. Gals reported that they are having sex 17 percent more than the average broke guy these days.

“More than one in three women are having sex at least three times every week,” the survey found. “Not quite one in four men are doing the same.”

Why is it easier on the gals?

“Women are a little bit more flexible and comfortable with their financial situation than men are, which might be a reason why,” Bitting said.

Again, this makes no sense at all to me, but it was printed on the pages of the New York Post, so it has to be true, right?