Retro Racist Ad Of The Week: Ivory

11.19.09 Copyranter

Ivory1930s “Hold dee train! Missus Whitey nee-dum her I-vo-ree fo lil’ pink Jerry-baybee!” Not to worry Mrs Gibson, cause Sam the red cap will handle the situation just as “smooth as chocolate custard”—even as Jerry drops some fresh custard in his diaper. In this 1930s ad, Procter & Gamble smartly placed a poor subservient Black man in the layout to create a stronger urge among its well-to-do Caucasian demo for Ivory’s 99 & 44/100% pure White cleanliness. Or, maybe I’m just imagining it (click ad to enlarge). Previously: In the 1950s, Ivory cured depression and anxiety. |Image via flickr: vintage advertising|