Even if you’re not a graffiti aficionado or never walked around the East Village before Tompkins Square Park had perimeter fences, chances are you’ve heard of REVS. He is, by far, one of NYC’s most talented, storied, and legendary graffiti writers to ever walk the streets. Between his tags, tunnel pages, massive rollers, sculptures, and of course his notoriously effective wheatpaste campaign in the early 90s with fellow “anti-artist” Adam COST, dude has ups!

The dynamic duo were responsible for plastering the city with a varied assemblage of missives and mysterious messages that had the public miffed and the underground buzzing. Yesterday, while manning the BNE gallery, a gentleman by the named of Jordy dropped off a stack of these Xeroxed artifacts which I promptly scanned. Although the collection is hugely incomplete—they had hundreds of different posters—and is exclusively REVS-centric, it is quite notable in its own right.