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Ambitious ads for Hansaplast long pleasure condoms, via TBWA Paris. Damn. Those studs lasted a long time; and, judging by the sharpness of the ladies’ tan lines, remained amazingly still for the duration of the passionless sexing. In fact it looks like the couples weren’t fucking at all, but rather posing for an X-rated beach photo shoot. Wannabe copywriters and art directors: this is a classic case of the idea kinda being there, but the execution being off. A better visualization of looong-lasting sex? How bout drawing a Sudoku puzzle on a woman’s lower back? More degrading to women, but less forced than these (personally, I just think of the Pope). And I have to point out…what’s with the man’s hand position on the woman on the right? Who’s put their hand there? Did he kill a sand fly and then fall asleep? |Images: pixelblog|