Whoa! Your boy Shepard Fairey gave an interview to Flavorpill in which he takes issue with the Obama White House for not showing some spine when it comes to dealing the Glenn Becks and Sean Hannitys of the world, among other things.

Here’s Fairey on the lies right-wing talking-head assholes love to spread to their doltish followers:

When the right wing has absolutely no qualms about telling straight up lies — Republican Congressmen will lie about aspects of Obama’s Healthcare Reform Plan and they’re not forced to step down.

Here’s Fairey on Obama’s caving to the right’s demands that people like Van Jones step down from their appointed posts:

I think it’s very unfortunate that the Obama Administration won’t just stand up to this stuff and say, “These are good people doing good things. We stand behind them. Your smear tactics are not ethical and they’re not going to work.” On the other hand getting bogged down in the minutiae of these supposedly radical people when there are bigger issues to resolve might just seem like a less important battle. They’re trying to choose their battles. I’m disappointed because what I think it does is, when you have victims of the right wing smear machine and they see it work, they’re emboldened to do it more and more and more. So, I think somebody’s got to take a stand somewhere.

And here’s Fairey on how he may use his art to combat Glenn Beck’s raving lunacy:

Going tit-for-tat with Glenn Beck might not be the right way to go though. It’s gotten to the point where I do actually think I might do something to try to combat him. But really, if the right wing is going to lie about health care reform, if they’re going to lie about the environmental impact of the companies that they’re getting big corporate contributions from, [we need] people [to] make art that tells the truth, that inspires people to look at the other side of the story.

The only thing I disagree with Fairey on is his contention that Beck might best be combated with art. Look, Glenn Beck needs his ass whipped publicly. Period. And I’d love to be the guy who does it.

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