Skeptics See Stars, Claim Tattooed Girl’s Face Is A Hoax

06.19.09 Will Sherman


PH1_TATOE_160609_05Is the story of Kimberley Vlaeminck’s star tattooed face a hoax? The 18-year-old Belgian girl supposedly fell asleep while her face was being tattooed with 3 stars and woke up with a constellation of 56 instead. Now she’s suing Romanian tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz for $14,000, the cost of laser surgery to remove her naptime mistake.

In addition to the dubious claim that she slept while the sensitive nerves of her face were being prodded with a needle, conspiracy theorists point to other facts they say suggest the whole thing is one big publicity stunt.

Among the few media outlets to interview the starlet is Belgian radio station MNM, who’s advertising agency, Famous, is behind the Kimberlizer. A French newspaper says the website, which allows visitors to digitally place 56 stars on their face via webcam, was opened in April, well before the story happened. Additionally, theorists point out that MNM’ s logo is a star, just like the ones covering Kimberley Vlaeminck.

Photo by Peter Deconinck/AFP and Daily Mail