Slutdog Millionaire

08.19.09 Copyranter


Skin-baring Bollywood star Sherlyn (nee Mona) Chopra, an actress, singer and model of marginal talent according to Wikipedia, gets into bed with PETA in a print ad to protest circus animal abuse in India. Striking a confusing combo Dom/Sub pose, Chopra seems less than committed to the cause, at least judging by her passive facial expression. Here she is previously showing her black panties for PETA, cause unknown. Anyway, we at ANIMAL would love to shoot her chaining and whipping the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey handlers responsible for this sadistic elephant cruelty. Maybe get S&M and shark-loving Jessica Alba to co-star. We’d call the short film Slap Chopra…or something. |Image: PETA India|