Snickers Launches Mr. T-CTV in England

10.26.09 Copyranter

300_snickers_mr_T_final Moving on from literally bashing (perceived) gay men, Snickers has reloaded and relaunched the catch phrase-spouting A-Team member. This time, he’s sequestered in a video surveillance room, where he doles out verbal comeuppances to “walkin’ talkin’ jokes who call themselves ‘blokes,'” including a “punk” with his jeans slung too low. At the Get Some Nuts site (where you have to say you’re 12 to enter), you can upload videos and pics of you or your friends being a fool. The biggest fool will win £1,000. I find this humor to be as tired as Mr. T’s schtick. But maybe the low-brow idiocy will make the Brits chortle, if not buy candy bars. Also, interesting creative choice by Snickers and their agency ABV BBDO, considering the invasiveness of the UK’s actual surveillance network. Anyway, jump for three short spots.

|Videos: adme.ru|