Snickers Mocks Hungry Africans

AFRICANS_snickers Every six seconds in the world, someone—probably living on the continent of Africa—dies of hunger. Not at all related to that fact is this: Snickers will be available in Russia next week for the first time ever! Not at all related…until BBDO Moscow created this teaser TV spot for the candy featuring an African tribe waiting for…something (A U.N. truck of rice? A Snickers shipment from relatives in a foreign land?). These days, we have to be cautious about posting YouTube videos and calling them actual TV commercials (remember 9/11). But, according to adme.ru, Russia’s leading ad posting site, this spot, created by BBDO Moscow, is the real deal and has already run on the country’s “federal channel.” Jump and watch and gape—the copy line at the end translates as “coming soon.”

|Video: adme.ru|