Following the shocking death of Brittany Murphy today, a few people of the internet have noted that she was recently parodied by Abby Elliot on SNL after being fired from a film for “erratic behavior.”

Having seen the skit when it aired, I didn’t really think it was very funny, and now, watching it again, it’s even less funny, but hindsight is, as they say, 20/20, even in regards to satire I guess. One of the few positives to come out of Murphy’s immensely sad death will probably be that Abby Elliot never does this impression on SNL ever again.

Finally, Ashton Kutcher, Murphy’s former fiance, weighed in on her death via Twitter about an hour ago…

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It’s always so terribly sad when any life filled with potential is lost during youth, but that sadness is exacerbated when the life is lost due to reasons that could have averted, as many seem to be speculating is the case with Murphy. May she find in the death the peace that seemed so terribly elusive to her in life.