Did you hear about the DC cop who draw his gun to put a stop to a massive snowball fight that had been organized on Twitter and Facebook over the weekend? So what the hell happened?

After learning about the gathering online, hundreds of people of all different races showed up on Saturday to the corner of 14th and U, the same place people gathered spontaneously to celebrate Obama’s election last Novemeber, sort of like New York’s Union Square, or something. Apparently, some people tossed snowballs at passing cars, and that’s when Detective Mike Baylor rolled up in a Humvee with his gun drawn.

Baylor yelled at the snowballers. Shockingly, although the Abominable Snowcop had a gun, some of them kept pelting him. And once he told them he was police, someone still threw one right at his face. A cop who knows him said you just don’t mess with Baylor’s vehicle.

But Baylor is also an officer, a man with a gun. And apparently he had a hard time unwinding those two strands of himself that day, the puffy-chested, don’t-touch-my-ride man and the detective who is respected, serious, hard-working, earnest and carries a gun.

He messed up, and D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier was the first to say so: “Let me be very clear in stating that I believe the actions of the officer were totally inappropriate!” Lanier said in a statement. “In no way, should he have handled the situation in this manner.”

His snowball rage was heartbreaking to a police department that worked hard all day, fishtailing their government-issue Impalas through unplowed streets while their children sledded without them.

Below is video of the incident. The only thing I’ll add is that I think it’s best to refrain from throwing snowballs at any person holding a gun in their hands. Just a thought.