Yesterday we told you about two NYC high school foreign language teachers who were busted “brushing up on each other’s foreign tongues” in a classroom. But the thing we found particularly vexing about the incident was why in the hell did the janitor who walked in on them choose to run down to the principal’s office to snitch rather than making it a sexy threesome. Well now we know.

Reports the New York Post:

The two instructors were undressed in a classroom by the time janitor Robert Colantuoni inadvertently walked in on the action, sources said.

Assuming they were students, he called for assistant principal Jodie Cohen, who brought an end to the affair at the Midwood school.

Cohen declined to comment yesterday.

Both teachers were suspended, and will be temporarily reassigned to a “rubber room” in Brooklyn to await their fate.

Ahhh…they were students. I suppose that’s noble of him then. I probably would have at least masturbated.