Social Statement Via Unmentionables Ad

10.23.09 Copyranter

sexiness_for_everyone Welcome to Friday, gentlemen, a day when your mind drifts to thinking about risking surfing porn from your work desk. Well, here’s a video appetizer, via Berlin ad agency glow GmbH, for German online lingerie store Liaison Dangereuse. Tagline: Sexiness for everyone. Everywhere.” It’s got brief bare butt, and an ending twist that’ll make you Catholics feel a little guilty. The spot can be viewed a couple of ways: empowering to women, especially women in certain desert nations; or promoting stereotypical Western views. Here’s a primer, via one of the regressive commenters at AdsOfTheWorld: “Much riskier if she was boarding a plane with Semtex strapped to her suspender belt.” Fuckwad. Meanwhile in America, our lame agent provocateur is Peaches Geldof.

|Video: AdsOfTheWorld|