Everyone knows that if there’s one thing this country is lacking, it’s guns. That’s why Dean Allen, a Republican candidate to be South Carolina’s adjutant general, whatever the fuck that is, is holding a “machine gun social” fundraiser where like-minded, country-bumpkin fucksticks can join Allen for some good ole-fashioned shootin’! For $25 you get a twenty round clip to shoot from your choice of four different types of machine guns AND a BBQ plate lunch. Yeehaw!

Dean says he doing it to “show solidarity with the second amendment to the constitution…the most important right that people have…the right to keep and bear arms.” One lucky participant will win their very own AK-47! Here’s Dean Allen on MSNBC earlier telling the intolerably sexy Contessa Brewer all about it:

Should Allen be elected, it seems that he’ll fit in nicely with the state’s other Republican embarrassments, Joe Wilson and Mark Sanford.