Spa: It’s Like A Bar Fight In Your Mouth

05.27.09 Copyranter

First, let me get the finger-wagging social commentary out of the way: bottled water is unholy water, if you buy it, you’re waterboarding Mother Nature. OK. I don’t know what Spa’s ad production budget is, but I bet they just blew it shooting these two outrageous spots for the brand’s Barisart sparkling water. The tagline, “water with more action in it,” is very literally reinforced by these commercials. Both spots, by Antwerp’s Duval Guillaume, were filmed completely under water in a big tank in Berlin. The first, “Bar Fight,” is reminiscent of a scene from a cheesy 70s disco action movie. Pretty damn cool, and it sells bubbles more memorably than Perrier ever has. But, do I want my water to be so ultra-violently sparkling? Will Spa make my mouth bleed? Jump for the second Kung Fu spot featuring a sensei styled after Pai Mei from the Kill Bill films. |Videos: adme.ru|