Kimberley Vlaeminck, the girl who claimed her face was tattooed with 56 stars while she slept, has confessed to making up the incredulous story. The 18-year-old Belgian girl insisted she requested 3 stars tattooed on her face, fell asleep during the needle jabbing procedure and woke up with a veritable constellation. Vlaeminck then blamed the tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz for misunderstanding her request and threatened to sue for $20k, the cost of the laser tattoo removal. Last week she said, “It is terrible for me. I cannot go out on to the street. I look like a freak.”

Now the self-loathing tattoo enthusiast has admitted she was fully awake while Toumaniantz inked her face, saying, “I asked for 56 stars and initially adored them, but when my father saw them, he was furious. So I said I fell asleep and the that the tattooist mad made a mistake.”