This past weekend, auditions for the Untitled Art Project wrapped up in New York City. Hundreds lined up outside White Columns, some camping out overnight, to be quickly rejected from the artist reality show competition. Randy Kennedy at the Times surveyed the scene on Saturday morning, finding “…a ghoulish portrait of a face that appeared to be Michael Jackson’s melded with Elvis’s; a crazily beaded mannequin torso with the sparkly word “GIRL” attached like a tiara to the top of its head; a Caravaggio-esque painting of St. Sebastian, skewered and suffering,” along with “one artist [who] was slowing traffic considerably as he applied bright blue swirly paint to the body of a topless woman who was wearing only a flesh-colored thong.”

That unnamed body painter would be Andy Golub, pictured with his live art specimen below. There’s no news yet on how he fared in the auditions, but if reports are true, that the “first level of screening only judges contestants on whether they look the part” are true, then he certainly stood a good chance.