Haha, wow. Imagine if this bit of intrusive global warming awareness advertecture sat on the side of a high-rise in the Upper West Side of Manhattan—the liberal guilt capital of the planet? The handwriniging would be deafening. Outerwear company Columbia, through Chilean ad agency Prolam Y&R, placed it on a newly refurbished building in Santiago. The headline translates to: “The air that cools your home heats up the world.” The photo is of refugees fleeing flooding in Asia. Columbia, according to their website, is a member of the Conservation Alliance, “a group of specialty outdoor businesses that has become a powerful source of grass roots conservation and environmental funding.” Okee dokee. One question for you upstanding corporate citizens, though: exactly how are your corporate offices in Portland, Oregon cooled in the summer? Previously in intrusive advertecture: Houston St. residents pawns of Delta.
|Image: bestadsontv|