Or, if you MUST construct such grade-school level dioramas, at least come up with better writing/facts? “Smoking kills 30 times more people than poisoning” Really? You know what else? Smoking kills about a million times more people than asps and a trillion times more people than meteorites. Why don’t you get to work on those two projects for me, kiddies. The responsible ad agency here, 1pointsize in Chennai, India, says they shot these outdoor posters for using 3,000 actual cigarettes (cough, Photoshop, hack). Yeah, well, a Brazilian agency used 13,000 cigs to make a striking Hitler portrait. So…that’s 16,000 smokes procured in efforts to stop people from smoking? Well, I guess if all the ad agencies in the world bought all the cigarettes in the world to create millions of stupid diorama ads, that would really put a dent in the death-by-smoking numbers. Jump for a second ad in campaign that presents a gun made of butts.

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