Contemporary art sales at Christie’s and Sotheby’s have fallen 75 percent this year, a staggering, but not surprising drop following seasons of decline. But what of the market for illegal and ill-gotten goods?

These hush hush sales are hard to investigate, but thankfully there’s a local street art scavenger letting us know that the illicit art market sucks. Last we looked, ifoundfaile was whining about lowball offers on the FAILE prayer wheel he swiped in Williamsburg. Now his profit outlook is so bad he’s threatening to torch the totem if nobody pays up:

hey as promised ill be putting this in the fireplace by xmas if unsold. video to be uploaded soon. thanks.

One commenter suggests he “consider jumping in the fire with it,” hoping to ensure this art destruction tape is better than the last.

Left photo by Luna Park, right photo by ifoundfaile