Not surprisingly, the street art scavenger who swiped FAILE’s first prayer wheel in Williamsburg still hasn’t found a buyer. After whining weeks ago about people only making lowball offers, the anonymous seller, ifoundfaile, is still complaining that nobody is throwing cash at him for the unauthenticated FAILE sculpture of questionable value.

Earlier this morning ifoundfaile made a new plea for serious offers and relaxed his earlier condition that “any transaction will be a cash street corner drug deal style.”

sorry to reiterate again NOTRADES, no trades, means no bartering no swapping, and so on.

sorry ‘what do you want to sell it for?’ is not acceptable

“i want to buy it and offer $_____, i can be contacted at ______ what is your estimate for shipping to zip _______”

not reasonable “i want to buy it and offer lowballing finders fee in hopes that if i return it to FAILE i will get a more expensive print with resale authenticity”

not acceptable “im faile can i please have it back”

Photo on left by Luna Park, photo on right by ifoundfaile