Dozens of internationally known graffiti and street artists descended upon Lueneburg, Germany this past week for Artotale, an outdoor exhibition sponsored by Leuphana University. Officially part of a new student orientation, critics the street art project is part of the university’s broader rebranding effort, “an Americanization of the old German School.” In response, artist Brad Downey used his sanctioned wall space to paint a McDonald’s logo with the slogan, “I’m loving it,” which he explained to Ekosystem:

This work has nothing really to do with McD. I just wanted to insert “random logo with power.” It could have been any well know logo. I feel that many of the so called “street artists” do this anyways. They travel the world painting logos. So, I thought I should show up and just paint any logo.

More of JUST’s documentation of the festival’s murals are included below.

Photos by JUST