Estate LA, better known in the streetwear scene as the “poorman’s New Era” just posted photos of this “Cokehead” fitted on their blog with the headline “Crack Heads rejoice.” Reading between the lines you’d think that the brand tried to make up for this Sour Diesel hat, the company’s first failed attempt at making drugged-out domepieces cool. When we reached out to owner Brett Wiley to ask what the design inspiration was behind the fitted, he gave as much of a dead brain-cell answer as we expected:

“We used to know alot of coke heads, so its a inside joke about them.”

Funny, especially because it is coke and not crack at all—this is crack! If the Sour Diesel hat (which still remains in stock in every fitted size imaginable) is any indication of how this latest hat will sell, don’t expect to see snowstorms in L.A anytime soon.