It has to be tough when you don’t have a fact-checker on call from your mom’s basement, which is the case in the majority of streetwear blog entities. The latest falsehood that was “reported”—and we use that term loosely, because rewriting press releases doesn’t actually constitute a working definition—happened this weekend when a gang of sites posted this alleged, canceled ‘Married To The Mob Dunk’ sample. Wrong again. Of course none of the so-called “Editor In Chiefs” of these wannabe online magazines reached out for a quote to see just what went down with this rumored collabo, so we figured we’d hit the HBIC Leah McSweeney to clean up the mess:

“These were not designed by MOB. They were part of a ‘Canal Street Pack’ that Nike was doing and must have never released. Then someone probably superimposed the MOB logo cause these ain’t ours.”

See, it’s as simple as that fellas. It took us literally one-minute and 45 seconds to ask for a quote. And Leah ain’t hard to find, even blog bottom feeder Old Jeezy has her #.
Ed. note: ANIMAL has been strong allies with Leah for a minute so technically we IM’d her.