300_MIGinvestments.jpgGiven the current economic environment, investment industry companies should really be extra diligent about their willy-nilly ad metaphors. Right, Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers? MIG Investments of Neuchâtel, Switzerland apparently didn’t get the memo. “Confidence is Capital” they posit here—with the help of Photoshopped bulls—during an absolute fucking grisly bear of a market. Judging by the comments on their 2.25 Forex rating (out of 5), I’m not the only one who’s disappointed in them. Tangentially-speaking, if there are any other suddenly-remorseful financial titans out there thinking of committing suicide, may I suggest dressing yourself up as a dashing, colorful matador and selling $100,000 tickets to your own multi-bull goring? Think of the irony. Think of the obituary. You can stipulate that the proceeds be donated to the poor. Capital idea, yes? (scanned from the latest Equities magazine)