Swiss Paper Attacks Obama With Photoshop

04.23.09 Copyranter


Switzerland is known through history for their staunch neutrality in world affairs. But here, in a double-page spread magazine ad, WOZ, a Swiss weekly newspaper, takes a cheap shot at our President with some really cheap retouching. I guess Swiss bankers think Obama is an evil monster? Or the anti-Christ? Or just plain ugly? Whichever it is, that’s some dreadfully awful photography manipulation. The tagline is “Have your own opinion.” Switzerland now joins Israel, Mexico, Russia and IKEA on the worldwide Obama ad exploitation tour lineup. His administration has gotten pretty aggressive about going after American advertisers who use the President’s likeness to sell product. This egregious capitalization presents a good opportunity for Obama to get on the red phone and yell at those Lederhosen wearin’, Alpenhorn-blowin’ non-aggressors. Jump for the second ad of the campaign, featuring a devilish-looking Pope and here’s a third one featuring German Chancellor Angela Merkel.