Tables Turned On Hungry Hungry Hippo

11.02.09 Copyranter


The assignment for DM9DDB in São Paulo: sell the Brastemp BOC90, “the biggest oven ever” made by Whirlpool. The solution: kill Willy and Henrietta and stick apples in their dead mouths (click ads for closer look). Well, that certainly covers “big,” but doesn’t really convey “appetizing” so well, unless the Brazilian ad agency’s media buy niche-targeted Africa (where the endangered Hippo is eaten) and Eskimos. I already hear your whiny criticism: ‘these are over-dramatizations copyranter, stop being sooo literal.’ Two things, jerk: one, the ads are for food-related products, and making me feel queasy does not put me in the mood to cook or eat; two, here on ANIMAL, I am a protector of ad animal abuse, whether via illustrations or Photoshop. |Images: Coloribus|