post_cover_bloomy_50 The Post’s fear piece on the hypothetical bloodshed that would result if 50 Cent performs at a charity function founded by Bette Midler, is not just an attack on the rapper, but an assault on Hip Hop itself. The NYPD, the muckraking paper and Bloomberg are endorsing this idea that the sheer act of rhyming words into an amplified microphone is going to instigate violence like some audio version of the “rage virus.” At a press conference the mayor assured the public that “50 Cents” won’t be performing, Queens is safe again. But if the true concern is a fame-seeking assassin willing to kill everyone—Beirut style—why would it matter if there’s live music playing or not? Of course a mini-concert would attract crowds, but that doesn’t mean an apocalyptic showdown is inevitable. Plus, if rap music is too scary for a family day charity event, than imagine how easily Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid can whip up mass hysteria for any happening involving black people and poetry. The mayor is going to be soliciting a whole lot of voices to ensure a 3rd term, I hope Hip Hop’s isn’t one of them.