Teen Blabbermouth Arrested For Bombing Upper East Side Starbucks


Inspired by the movie “Fight Club,” a teen arrested for the bombing of an Upper East Side Starbucks forgot the first rule: “You don’t talk about fight club.” Police arrested the teenager, Kyle Shaw, outside his home in Chelsea, charging him with arson, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal mischief for the May 25th blast that damaged a bench and shattered windows outside the coffee shop. With little evidence and few leads to go on, the police investigation was aided by the 17-year-old’s inability to stop talking.

Shaw bragged to friends about beginning “his own Project Mayhem” with the Starbucks attack, telling one to “watch the news on Memorial Day,” and another how he rigged the crude explosive from sparklers and fireworks. When police picked Shaw up, he was toting around a “Fight Club” DVD, newspaper clippings on his explosive endeavor, as well as a box of sparklers.