As if the town of Knoxville, Tennessee and the state’s flagship university’s football program haven’t been shamed enough, what with the arrest this morning of three players in a Prius robbing a man in a Hyundai Elantra with a damn pellet gun, it’s now being reported that the local Republican congressman, Stacey Campfield, was kicked out of a recent home football game for wearing a “Luchador’s (Mexican wrestler’s) full head mask” and sneaking into a section closer to the football field he didn’t have a ticket to be in.

The Tennessean reports that Campfield was wearing the mask at the Oct. 31st game against South Carolina, though the University of Tennessee and the stadium the game was played in made it abundantly clear that no Halloween masks would be allowed inside the stadium. Naturally, Congressman Kappa Sigma scared the hell out of some lady’s kids.

A mother and her two daughters became “upset because a man was sitting in their section (Section B) with a mask on,” according to the report by UT Police Lt. Dana McReynolds.

Campfield removed the mask when confronted by police. But instead of going back to his seat, he went a different direction. When an officer asked him why, Campfield reportedly became defensive and began acting strangely.

“I began to tell him that I was not asking him to leave the section, just to take off his mask,” McReynolds wrote. “Again he interrupted and said, ‘I was just taking a walk. Is it illegal to walk around?’ I told him ‘no,’ and was surprised by his sudden confrontational attitude. He again asked if walking around was illegal. Thinking that something was not right … I asked to see his ticket.”

When Campfield gave the officer his ticket, it was for Section LL, not Section B. McReynolds and another officer eventually escorted him from the stadium.

They should have frisked him…ten bucks says he had a flask or some weed on him, if not both.