The CO15 climate summit ended Friday, and despite the US’s claim of a “meaningful agreement,” Greenies worldwide are fuming like smokestacks as CO2 emissions reduction goals were dropped. In honor of this historic success/failure, let’s take a look at a few Red, White, and Blue-tweaking installations from the conference. First up (click images), the Oxfam Big Heads made their expected appearance, this time with mug shot signs around their necks with the line “History will judge me.” Next, Danish artist Jens Galschiot, part of the activist group Seven Meters, erected “Balancing Act” sculptures of world leaders around the city, including this taut-butted naked Obama. And lastly, a six-meter high replica of the Statue of Liberty belching smoke out of her torch—called “Freedom to Pollute”—was placed on a hill over the city. Disappointing, was the apparent lack of anti-China pieces. See more work at The Inspiration Room Daily.