big-brother-is-watching-you_thumbnail While the British are busy speaking that fancy version of English, their government is royally fucking them with “requests for surveillance” and continues to plunge the country into an Orwellian nightmare that would even frighten Eric Arthur Blair. In addition to having a camera up the arse (and nostrils) of virtually every citizen, “officials seek access to phone and email data 1,381 times a day,” reports the Guardian. Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne blames the British people themselves, saying “We have sleepwalked into a surveillance state” and describes how a certain author’s book is becoming a little too real:

“The government forgets that George Orwell’s [novel] 1984 was a warning and not a blueprint. We are still a long way from living under the Stasi but it beggars belief that it is necessary to spy on one in every 78 adults.”

Read the full report (PDF doc) and then count the days till the United States catches up! |Guardian|

Image via Zagica