The Church Of The Virgin Mary Jane

06.19.09 Copyranter

wondercafe Well, Jesus was stoned, right? Religious right-baiting poster via the United Church of Canada—the country’s largest Protestant denomination—promoting their discussion site, wondercafe. “Does it matter how you achieve your spiritual high?” I guess not, though 8am on a Sunday is a little early for me to smoke doob. But, very old Bible pages could possibly make good rolling papers, yes? Speaking of which, these aren’t very expertly-rolled joints at all. They should have gotten Saul Silver from Pineapple Express to roll them one of his cross joints. Gotta at least give them credit for trying to get the kids involved. The site’s pretty progressive for a church, with blogs and discussion groups and my favorite feature, EZ Answer Squirrel. Spark one up and watch the smart little fella. |Image via: AdsOfTheWorld|