Climatrix My apologies to Greenpeace for mocking their Photoshopped graying world leader posters erected a couple of weeks ago at the Copenhagen airport. This Matrix parody (click image) by , “a global campaign network of 3.6 million citizens” with a mission to “close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want,” is a creative catastrophe. The ad, butchering this Matrix Reloaded promo shot, ran on the back page of yesterday’s Green New Deal supplement in the Financial Times. It implores Morpheus Obama, Neo Hatoyama and Trinity Merkel to pony up more green to free the world from “fossil-fuel-powered machines.” I consulted the Oracle, and she assured me that Yukio Hatoyama was most definitely not The One. Btw, Obama referenced The Matrix last summer in a healthcare speech. |Image via: osocio|