The CyberDeath Of Jackie Chan’s Career

jackie_chan_cyber_world Oh my fucking God, how embarrassing. Jackie, you best get on board with Rush Hour 4 today. The great stuntman turned bad actor has signed a two-spot advertising contract with Moscow software security firm Kaspersky Lab. This is the first Chinese commercial, co-starring slightly better actor Eugene Kaspersky, the firm’s co-founder. Kaspersky invites Chan to visit a dangerous place called “Cyberworld.” Chan agrees, and…rides into a laptop wearing a Kaspersky-branded helmet while astride a fucking Kaspesky-branded Segway. Once inside, Chan is confronted by cheesy graphics that look about 1995, emerges unharmed, and delivers his forced, wooden endorsement. Hope you got paid better than I think you did, Jackie. Jump for the cyber-shame.

|Video: adme.ru|