It’s the latest super premium vodka out of Russia, made with special water “enriched in silver, gold and platinum ions”…and the blood of Catholic babies? Kabbalah is sure to soon be the high-end hooch of choice for Madonna, Britney, Roseanne Barr, Demi and Ashton, the Beckhams, and all the other red-string wearing celeb devotees of the ancient Jewish discipline. Each bottle features a random Torah passage plus a unique handmade infant made of fortified glass inside. And, according to English Russia, no infant is repeated more than three times! Note (click ads) that one of the goy infants is picking his nose, while another appears to be giving us the finger. Also note, an English Russia commenter claims that “with Christian infants” is a reference to the murder of Simon of Trent by Jews in Italy in 1475. |Images via: English Russia|